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Indi Post Production
Online - Offline Editing Blue Ray, DVD-VCD Authorising Blue Ray, DVD-VCD Authorising Blue Ray, DVD-VCD Authorising

Since 1998, Indi Production has been providing post-production services to some of India’s leading feature, advertising & television production houses as well as global corporate companies internationally. Its deploys state-of-the-art technologies and thrives on enthusiasm and excellence.

With Indi Studio, you have a partner who has the experience, knowledge, and dedication to generate customized solutions to meet your specific business needs. Our commitment to service - regardless of order size - is what sets us apart. We understand that each and every client case deserves the same amount of work and dedication to ensure a quality product upon delivery.

The Studio offers following full line professional services:

  • End-to-end digital post solutions for your production.
  • Professional non-linear video editing of corporate films, presentations, business conference, events, serials, documentaries, short films, ad films, etc.
  • Conversion & transfers
  • DigiBeta / Beta / DVCam / DVC Pro / DV / HDV / UMATIC /  HI8 / VHS
  • 8MM / 16MM / 35MM  Film Format
  • Sound mixing
  • Titling, graphics, animation & architecture walk through
  • Compositing & special effects
  • Image processing
  • Authoring of VCDs & DVDs
  • Backup copies
  • Video shooting with multi camera set-up for business conferences, interviews, corporate events, wedding events etc.
  • Digital photography for product dhoot, industrial shoot, exterior / interior shoot. & corporate events.
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Online & Offline Editing

We offer the video industry's most popular, proven real-time nonlinear editing system for mastering corporate, broadcast, and multimedia programs.


  • Beta SP/ Digibeta/ DVcam input and output
  • Component / SDI video I/O
  • Real-time 2D and 3D special effects
  • Compositing
  • Real-time titling
  • Digital 24 tracks of 2-channel, CD digital quality audio
  • Supports 4:3 & 16:9 wide screen formats
BLUE-RAY, DVD & VCD Authoring

Our advanced DVD & VCD authoring services offer interactive motion menus & still menus in various different international languages and dolby digital surround sound with advanced interaction for the end user. We believe in rendering high quality with strict quality controls to ensure high standard.

Archival Storage & Backup

Archival Storage & Backup consists of tasks and decisions surrounding ingesting, annotating, cataloguing, storage and retrieval of digital assets, such as digital photographs, animations, videos and music. Generally the 'asset' being managed is collected and stored in a digital format. There is usually a target version of that referred to as 'essence' and is generally the highest resolution and fidelity representation. We archive the video footage from the old library & transfer the same into Digital form using various software applications. We also provide backup solutions for all the important content digitally stored & recorded in various format which can be easily used for content delivery.

CD-DVD Replication

Our replication & mastering services include the actual manufacturing of your CD's and DVD's by producing the glass master & then a  stamper actually pressing your compact disks here at our manufacturing company's warehouse. We have developed & tested glass master disk copies for you or your company to assure only the highest quality standard. We will then supply your company with the tested CD or DVD for your audio or viewing check. Once you have confirmed your satisfaction Our services are by far of the highest quality standards & timely delivery.







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Indi has a varied and rich exposure in the field of Media, Entertainment & IT Industry. It is an established organization which offers one stop solution for all your branding needs, Indi Enterprise was incorporated in 1998 with its corporate office, workstation and administration office located in Mumbai, India. Indi Enterprise currently consists of its Studio, Production & InfoTech divisions Indi Enterprise has been primarily into trading & marketing business. The company deals in Professional Recording Media & Storage Media Tapes like Magnetic Spools, Digibeta, Betacam, Dvcpro, MiniDv Tapes etc. Indi Productions have an excellent track record in making quality films that serves the strategic objectives of marketing & corporate communications. We believe in being an integral part of our clients’ success stories by offering creative media & advertising services. We help you to build brands through the medium of films & Audio Visuals. Our emphasis on detailed research helps us to formulate the right strategies for Brand Positioning. And when this is blended with creativity, it results in the birth of a film that builds a winning brand. Indi studios has been providing post-production services to some of India’s leading feature, advertising & Television Production Houses as well as global corporate companies internationally. It deploys state-of-the-art technologies and thrives on enthusiasm and excellence. Indi Infotech has developed and implemented solutions in the areas of software & application development, website designing & development, multimedia presentations, Corporate Branding etc. Pritesh Sheth - CEO Mr. Sheth founded the company and currently oversees the entire operations of Indi. Mr. Sheth is a hands-on business leader with standards of excellence in everything that the Corporation does Mr. Sheth has worked in several management and technical capacities for recognized entertainment and production companies in India Mr. Sheth's core technical expertise has been as a Creative Producer & Director in Media & Entertainment Industry for many years. He has enjoyed a very successful career as a hands-on executive with experience in films and television in both the business and creative areas Jayaprakash Ezuthachan - COO Mr. Jayaprakash, co-founder of the company. He is Enthusiast & dynamic professional. He has many years of experience in Television, Advertising, & Broadcast Indusrty. He had worked as a Technical Director in one of India’s largest Television Production House. His experience includes managing an Entertainment Software Company and handling a Post production Studio. Ronith Kasukar